Bhubanananda Orissa School of Engineering

Lab Facility

Name of the Laboratory Name of the Major Equipment’s Qty.
Electrical Machine Laboratory Motor alternator set 2 sets
  3 Phase transformer 4 sets
  Slip Ring Industrial Motor  
  Squirrel cage Induction Motor  
Electrical Lab. II Startic Ratio Unit 30A 2 sets
  Motor Generator Set 4 sets
  D.C. Compound Motor 5 nos.
  D.C. Shunt Motor 4 nos.
  D.C. Serires Motor 2 nos.
Electrical Masurement Laboratory Electrical Meter calibration & Energy Meter 2 sets
  Autotransformer 3 phase & 1Q. 1 set
  Capacity bank load 1Q 1 set
  Inductive load 1 set
Electrical Workshop Power drill machine 10 nos.
  1Q machine grinder 2 nos.
  Energy meter 5 nos.
  Watt meter 10 nos.
  Volt meter 10 nos.


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