Bhubanananda Orissa School of Engineering

Lab Facility

Name of the Laboratory Name of the Major Equipment’s Qty.
Heat Power Lab. Single Cylinder 4 stroke diesel engine testing 4 nos
  4 cylinder 4 stroke petrol engine testing 4 nos
  Single cylinder 2 stroke petrol engine testing 2 nos.
  Ice plant tutor 1 nos.
  4 stroke 2 cylinder diesel testing 2 nos.
Hydraulic Lab. Caplan turbine 1 no.
  Francis turbine 1 no.
  Centrifugal pump 1 no.
  Hydraulic Power trainer 1 no.
  Peltron turbine 1 no.
Material testing lab. Universal testing machine 2 nos.
  Compression testing machine 1 no.
  Hardness testing machine 1 no.
  Profile projector 1 no.
  Torsion testing machine 2 nos.
Theory of Machine Lab. Universal Governor 1 no.
  Can profile analysis 1 no.
  Vibration study apparatus 1 no.
  Journal bearing apparatus 1 no.


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