Bhubanananda Orissa School of Engineering

Lab Facility

Name of the Laboratory Name of the Major Equipment’s Qty.
Process control Lab. Instrument Tuitor 1 no.
  Micro Processor Control system 5 nos.
  Control system training 2 nos.
  Temperature process analyser 2 nos.
  Pressure Process analyser 2 nos.
  Torque transducer using strain measurement 1 nos.
  Digital Dissolved oxygen analyser-cum-temp. indicator  
  Optical transducer for speed measurement 1 no.
  On line level process analyser  
  Online flow process analyser  
Industrial Measurement & Instrumentation Lab. Dead weight pressure gauge 1 no.
  Humidity transducer 1 no.
  Pressure current transducer 1 no.
  Pneumatic & Electric valve 2 nos.
  Torque transducer using strain measurement LVDT 2 nos.
  Microprocessor flame photometer 2 nos.
  Experimental kit for speed – torque characteristic 1 no.
  Characteristic 2 nos.
  D.C. Motor speed control kit 2 nos.
Digital & microprocessor Lab. Microprocessor trainer kit 5 nos.
  Digital trainer kits 6 nos.
  Oscilloscope 4 nos.
P.L.C. Lab. P.L.C. trainer kit 2 nos.
  Electronics level transmeter 1 no.
  P.C. based digital process simulator 2 nos.
Basic I.S. F. Lab. Variable capacitance pressure transducer LVDT 5 nos.
  Potential meter 2 nos.
  Resistance thermometer 1 no.
  Thermistor 2 nos.
  Digital temperature scanner 2 nos.
  Power supply 3 nos.
  Oscilloscope 10 nos.
  Pyrometer 15 nos.


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