Bhubanananda Orissa School of Engineering


Community Development Scheme

Ministry of Human Resource Development (Deptt. Of Higher Education) Govt. of India launched the Community Development through Polytechnic (CDTP) scheme on Ist. Feb. 2009. The thrust has been given in the scheme for providing meaningful and qualitative non formal training by qualified trainers in consultation with  highly qualified faculty / staff of the polytechnics to rural youth, women, school dropouts, SC/ST, disabled and other weakened sections and under privileged groups of the society to enable them to obtain gainful employment (Self/wage) and turn improving their standard of living. Such non formal skill training should attract beneficiaries from all cross sections of Indian society with special emphasis on SC/ST, OBC, Women, School dropouts, minorities, physically disabled, economically weaker sections of the society and other under privileged persons. Vast majority of rural people and those living in slums require assistance in adopting appropriate technology for benefiting from investment in science and technology and enhancing their productivity and standard of living.


  1. To carry out need assessment survey to asses the technology and training needs.
  2. To impart Skill Development Training to intended target groups.
  3. To Disseminate Appropriate Technology for productivity enhancement.
  4. To provide technical and support service to rural mass and slums dwellers.
  5. To create awareness among the target groups about technological advancement and contemporary issues of importance.

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